# Using Azure Key Vault secrets in connections

This guide demonstrates how to use secrets from your Azure Key Vault (opens new window) to configure Workato connections.

# Prerequisites

To complete the steps in this guide, you must have the following:

  • In Workato:

  • In Microsoft Azure:

    • Permissions allowing you to create Azure Key Vault secrets.

# Step 1: Add a secret to Azure Key Vault


Sign in to the Azure portal and navigate to Key vaults > {key vault name} > Secrets.


Select +Generate/Import.


On the Create a secret page, set Upload options to Manual.

Create a secret in Azure Key Vault Create a secret in Azure Key Vault


Enter a name for your secret that will help you remember what application it is for, such as airtable-api.


Enter the secret value. This is typically a password, API key, or other sensitive information.


Optionally, set the Content type, Activation date, and/or Expiration date.


Ensure the Enabled toggle is set to Yes.


Select Create.

# Step 2: Configure a Workato connection

In your Workato account, create a new connection or open the configuration page for an existing connection.

Azure Key Vault secrets in Workato connection credentials follow this syntax, where secret_name is the name of the secret you plan to use in Azure Key Vault:


In the following example, the secret name is airtable-api:


In the connection's configuration page, paste this entire value into the appropriate field.

# Step 3: Complete your connection setup

Click Connect and verify that this connection is working.

# Troubleshooting

Error message How to fix it
The secret was not found in this key vault. Ensure that your secret exists and you are connected to the right Azure Key Vault instance.
The secret {{secret name}} has been disabled. Please ensure that it is enabled before re-trying. Ensure that your secret is set to Enabled.
Caller is not authorized to perform action on resource. Ensure that your Azure Active Directory app has the sufficient role or access policy and that your client secret is still valid.
Public network access to your Azure Key Vault is disabled. Ensure that public access to your key vault (opens new window) is enabled.
Client address is not authorized and caller is not a trusted service. Ensure that your network IP address has been added to your key vault's allowlist (opens new window).
Secret is expired. Create a new secret version with a valid expiration date.
Secret is not activated. Ensure that your secret's activation date is before the current date.
Failed to fetch secret from your vault.
  • Ensure that your secret exists in your vault.
  • Ensure that your secret follows the format {{workato:sm:<secret_name>}}. Different secrets managers require different secret formats, so you may encounter this error if your secret is formatted for another secrets manager.

Last updated: 7/25/2023, 10:16:39 PM