Team collaboration - Just in time provisioning

Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning eliminates the needs for team admins to create Workato user accounts in advance on behalf of team members. When an employee signs up for a new Workato account via SAML SSO, they will automatically be added into the organization's team.

If an employee has an existing Workato account they will be automatically be added into the organization's team.

You may enable SAML Just-In-Time provisioning on Team > Settings page.

Enable SAML Just-In-Time provisioning Enable SAML Just-In-Time provisioning

Customize JIT provisioning

You can customize JIT provisioning to relay user-specific information to Workato. Workato will take a SAML attribute (e.g. name) and apply it for the provisioned Workato account. This enables new users to be provisioned with the appropriate information according to your workflow.

The following attributes are supported: workato_email, workato_full_name, and workato_role. If the attributes are not configured, a default value will be used.

Workato user field SAML attribute Default value
User email workato_email SAML NameID
(in email format)
User name workato_full_name Part of SAML Name
User team role workato_role Operator

Why customize JIT provisioning

Outside of the default roles (Admin, Analyst, and Operator), custom roles can be configured with specific access to folder or permissions to edit connections and recipes. This gives you more control to enforce security policies for Workato accounts.

Also, this eliminates the need to manually provision Workato accounts with the appropriate access privileges. This leads to reduced operations cost and smoother onboarding.

How to customize JIT provisioning

To assign user information during JIT provisioning, you first need complete the basic setup:

Configure SAML attribute on SAML provider

Let's configure the SAML attributes for workato_role on Okta.

Steps Description
1. Locate Profile Editor Profile editor
2. Select Okta > Profile Okta profile
3. Select Add attribute Add attribute
4. Fill in the attribute details For more information see here.
Attribute fields
5. Locate the Workato SAML app Workato SAML app
6. Select SAML settings > edit Add attribute
7. Skip to Configure SAML Configure SAML
8. Locate Attribute statement The Name value is passed to workato (this is case-sensitive), user.workato_role is the attribute you just configured.

Attribute statement

Instead of the user.workato_role attribute, it is possible to input a fixed value (e.g. Analyst). This will set the default for all users to be provisioned with the Analyst role.
9. Save and exit SAML setting Note that existing users will not be affect. In order to implement JIT custom role provisioning, define the user's workato_role in their profile page.

Setting up workato_role attribute

Workato accepts certain attributes and converts them into user values when provisioning a new account. In order to facilitate this, all values have to be identical to the roles in Workato Team.

For example, we created a custom role in workato Team called mktg_ops with custom permissions to certain folders and recipes.

Thus, the SAML attribute will be as follows:

SAML attribute Stored values
workato_role Admin, Analyst, Operator and mktg_ops

It is recommended that you also list out the default roles; Admin, Analyst, Operator.

All values are case-sensitive (Admin, admin). Ensure that you have configured the role names identical to the ones on your Team setting.

Assign roles for team members

  • When an employee is onboarded with Okta, select a value for workato_role.

Select workato_role for new user Select workato_role for new user

  • For existing Okta users, assign workato_role on their profile page. This only applies if this Okta user does not have an existing Workato account.

Configure workato_role for an existing user Configure workato_role for an existing user

Now, when when a user logins to Workato using SSO, the identity provider passes workato_role for this new user. For a new hire in the Marketing department, the provisioned Workato account with be configured with the custom role mktg_ops.

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