# Page templates

The following templates are available:

Alternatively, select Blank page to create a page from scratch.

# Submission form

Generates a form to submit a request to the data table. The form includes input fields that map to columns in the Workflow App's corresponding data table, allowing you to store the values submitted in each field. The type of data allowed in each input field must conform to the column type of the corresponding column. For example, if an input field maps to a date column type, the field only accepts values in MM/DD/YYYY format and does not accept short text or an integer as input.

Additionally, the hint and is required flags for the input field are copied from the table column settings.
The form Workato generates has a button that saves the data you provide to the data table.

Submission form templateSubmission form template

# Approval form

The Approval form is similar to the Submission form, except all fields are read-only by default. This form includes two buttons to complete the current task with an Approved or Rejected outcome.
See Workflow apps by Workato connector for more information.

Approval form templateApproval form template

# Dashboard

Use the dashboard page type to build custom dashboards to visualize your data. This page supports the following data sources: Recipe job history data, Workflow apps, and data tables. See Insights for more information.

Dashboard templateDashboard page template

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