# Automation HQ

As Workato scales within your organization, the number of workspaces grows, and the need for both oversight and more granular control becomes critical. Automation HQ provides central control over all your managed workspaces, without diminishing the ability to specialize for the unique business needs modeled by each workspace.

With Automation HQ, you can easily represent your company's business units as workspaces, provision these hierarchies, and maintain a high level of visibility into the operational success of Workato-enabled processes. In the HQ workspace, you have visibility into all managed workspaces to provide guidance and assistance, ensure compliance, share resources, and manage your organization's Workato subscription.

Automation HQ Architecture

# Create independent workspaces for teams

With Automation HQ, administrators can create and manage independent workspaces for different teams with unique needs, keeping control over usage and organization-wide rules that apply to each team.

# Share assets

Share custom connectors with teams so that they can use them in their workspaces.

# Control apps and limits

Control what apps are available in different workspaces, and set tasks and recipe limits for teams.

# Centralize Audit log streaming

With a central place for all logs in your company, you can easily configure Audit log streaming for the entire organization, and not depend on individual team's effort to set up logs.

# Add-ons inheritance

All newly created workspaces get all the features of HQ workspace, by default.

# Automation HQ sections

Automation HQ provides visibility and control over your entire organization.


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Last updated: 5/11/2023, 10:11:31 AM