# Bamboo HR - List employees in directory action

This action lists all employees in your Bamboo HR instance.

# Input

There are no inputs for this action.

List employees in directory action List employees in directory action

# Output

List employees in directory action - datatree List employees in directory action - datatree

The output of this action is a list of employees, including the List size and List index. Each employee will contain the following information.

Output field. Description
Employee ID The employee ID assigned by Bamboo HR.
Display name The display name of the employee.
First name The first name of the employee.
Last name The last name of the employee.
Preferred name The preferred name of the employee.
Gender The gender of the employee.
Job title The current job title of this employee.
Work phone The work phone number without extension.
Mobile phone The mobile phone number of this employee.
Work Email The work email of this employee.
Department The current department of this employee.
Location The location of the current office of this employee.
Division The current division of this employee.
Linkedin The LinkedIn URL for this employee.
Work phone extension The work phone extension of this employee.
Phone uploaded Whether an employee photo has been uploaded.
Photo URL The URL to the employee photo.
Can upload photo Whether a photo can be uploaded to this employee profile.

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