# Excel

Microsoft Excel (opens new window) is a spreadsheet software program, a powerful data visualization and analysis tool.

Workato's Excel connector enables you to read data from Excel workbooks stored in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint site or Group drive.

# API version

The Excel connector uses the Excel REST API (opens new window).

# How to connect to Excel on Workato

The Excel connector uses OAuth2 for authentication. When prompted, follow the on-screen connection instructions and login to your Microsoft account to connect.

# Roles and Permissions

The following Microsoft Graph API permissions are required for the connector to function and are requested by default.

Permission Description
Files.Read Allows the app to read the signed-in user's files.
Group.Read.All Allows the app to read files for all groups the signed-in user can access.
Sites.Read.All Allows the app to read documents in all SharePoint site collections on behalf of the signed-in user.
offline_access This gives Workato access to resources on behalf of the user for an extended time. On the consent page, this scope appears as the Maintain access to data you have given it access to permission.