# Run On-prem Agent

An on-prem agent requires an active connection between the agent running within your network and Workato's On-prem group dashboard (opens new window).

You may occasionally need to temporarily disable this connection. For example, restarting, or upgrading the on-prem agent.

# Disable on-prem agent

To do so, simply select Disable agent.

Temporarily disable on-prem agent Temporarily disable on-prem agent

# Re-establish connection with on-prem agent

To reconnect your on-prem agent to Workato, you have to do the following steps. Please follow the instructions according to your network's operating system.

# Running on Linux 64-bit and Mac OS X

If your on-prem agent is installed in a Linux or Mac OS, run the on-prem agent using the following bash script:

sh <INSTALL_HOME>/bin/run.sh

If you are accessing the server through SSH and want to let the agent run in the background independent of your shell session, you can add the nohup command (&) at the end. You can also include a > file_name command to ensure that the outputs are logged.

sh <INSTALL_HOME>/bin/run.sh > opa_output.txt &

Level of details of the OPA logs depend on your configuration. Learn more.

# Running on Windows 64-bit

For on-prem agents installed in Windows, run the agent as a Windows console application or as a Windows Service.

Run the on-prem agent in console mode by launching WorkatoRun Agent (console) in the Start Menu.

Alternatively, you can use the Run Agent (console) shortcut to ensure the agent is successfully connecting to Workato using the provided certificate.

# Using Windows Service

The installer automatically registers an agent (WorkatoAgent) as a Windows service . However, the agent does not start automatically. Navigate to the service configuration (Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools → Services → WorkatoAgent) to configure service auto-start.

# Browsing log files

When the on-prem agent is running as a Windows service, log files can be found at: %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\LogFiles\Workato. There's also a shortcut to the Workato log directory in the Workato group found in the Start Menu.

Level of details of the OPA logs depend on your configuration. Learn more.

# Changing save location for log files

To change the save location for log files, launch WorkatoService Wrapper Configuration in the Start Menu. Navigate to the Logging tab where you can modify Log path.

# On-prem agent is reconnected

To finish re-establishing the connection, go to the On-prem group dashboard and connect to your on-prem agent.

Step Description
Enable agent From the Workato On-prem group dashboard, select Enable agent.
Enable on-prem agent
Connection established Workato will send a request to your on-prem agent to establish a connection. If successful, the status will return to Active.
Enable on-prem agent

Last updated: 7/10/2024, 6:18:20 PM