# Configuring Google Secret Manager for on-prem agent

In this guide, we demonstrate how to use Google Secret Manager (opens new window) with Workato's On-Prem Agent (OPA) to store database credentials.

Note: In this tutorial, the focus in on using secrets to encrypt passwords. However, you can use secrets to encrypt any connection value, including usernames, database names, and so on.

# Prerequisites

To configure Google Secret Manager to work with OPA, you must have:

# Step 1: Create the secret in Google



Create secret


Assign a name to the secret; this name is used in your OPA config file to look up the correct password. In this example, the name is workato-sqlserver-password.

Secret created


After creating the secret, note the project, secret name, and version. Use these to format the Secret Version (opens new window) and place it inside the OPA.

In this example:

  • the project is 558965260687,
  • secret name is workato-sqlserver-password,
  • version is 1.

That means that the composite value used in the OPA config file is projects/558965260687/secrets/workato-sqlserver-password/versions/1

Secret version

Using latest version for secret

projects/558965260687/secrets/workato-sqlserver-password/versions/latest can also be used to reference the latest version of the secret.

# Step 2: Configure the OPA config file and connection to Google Secret Manager

Here, add the information about the secret provider to OPA configuration file, and set up the Google Secret Manager connection.


In your OPA config file, add a secrets section with provider key:

  provider: google

For provider, enter google.


Save the file.

Storing Google connection credentials

You do not have to store your Google connection credentials in the OPA config file. The OPA uses Application Default Credentials to authenticate its requests to Google. Create a service account (opens new window) with read access to your secrets, and store the service account key in your environment variable (opens new window).

# Step 3: Configure The Database Profile

To wrap things up, specify which secret to use in the database profile.


In the config file, navigate to the database profile.


In your password key, specify the secret value that you created in Step 1:

    adapter: sqlserver
    host: localhost
    port: 1433
    database: test
    username: db_user
    password: { secret: 'projects/558965260687/secrets/workato_opa_sqlserver_password/versions/latest' }

Save the file.

Last updated: 5/31/2023, 4:33:07 PM