# On-prem Agent

The Workato on-prem agent provides a secure way for Workato to selectively access customer-authorized on-prem apps, databases, and folders without having to open ports in the corporate firewall.

Users can communicate securely with Workato by installing the agent within the protected server.

The on-prem agent is used to create connections that are used by recipes to perform requests. These on-prem connections can be connected to one or more agents in an on-prem group.

Adding multiple on-prem agents to an on-prem group allows you to achieve high availability with fault tolerance and load balancing capabilities.

On-prem menu option On-prem menu option

# Common errors when using the on-prem agent

If connecting to on-prem applications fail, check that:

  • The selected agent is active
  • Credentials provided in the app connection are correct
  • Credentials provided by user in the app connection has the correct role and permission to connect

If connecting to on-prem databases fail, check that:

  • Selected agent is active
  • Credentials provided in the connection profile are correct
  • Database name and type provided in the connection profile is correct

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