# Training & Certification

For any training you or your team may be seeking, we recommend first going through Automation Institute (opens new window).

# What is Automation Institute?

Automation Institute teaches people how to use Workato and provides certifications and badges to prove their level of expertise. Anyone can use it to learn how to develop automations using Workato.

# How to access Automation Institute

First, you need a Workato account. If you don't have a Workato account, you can request a demo (opens new window) where you'll be provided with a free trial. After you have a Workato account, there are two ways to login to Automation Institute:

  1. Login (opens new window) to your Workato account, open the resource hub at the bottom right, and select "Automation Institute". Login Through Workato

  2. Navigate directly to the Automation Institute (opens new window).

# What are the core courses?

Automation Pro I (opens new window): Start with this course, which focuses on the basics of Workato. Remember to take the exam once you feel confident. Once done, let your manager know so he or she can know the level you've achieved.

Automation Pro II (opens new window): This course builds upon Automation Pro I and proceeds with more advance topics. The journey is the same; take the exam and let your manager know.

There are also more specialized courses (opens new window) that address discrete use cases, and more general industry based concepts related to automation. These courses may offer badges for their completion.

Last updated: 10/1/2021, 3:43:55 AM