# Your Workspace

A 2 minute video guide to your workspace

A Workato workspace is your home base for building automations. This is where a dedicated team can collaborate, build recipes, and deploy recipes for a department, level of business, or organization unit.

Use projects to organize your assets by use case, initiative, or process and create logical sub-folders for smaller units of work.

# What is In My Workspace?

Your workspace is an operationally independent hub that contains projects, Workato Tools, and other enabled capabilities.

Each workspace has its own usage limits (recipe and task limits).

Using a managed workspace?

Managed workspaces share the same added capabilities as the HQ workspace. Including API Platform, and On-premise Connectivity. Speak to your Customer Success Manager to enable these features in your managed workspaces.

Find out more about Automation HQ.

# Collaboration in a Workspace

Enable collaboration with the workspace collaborators feature. With Workato workspaces, multiple users can collaborate while still maintaining development, deployment, and security best practices.

Learn how workspaces supports collaboration between team members.

# Do I need Multiple Workspaces

As Workato grows with your organization, the scale and complexity of business processes require collaboration between several users, including recipe builders and team admins. Use individual workspaces to represents a department, level of business, or an organizational unit.

Learn how you can manage and oversee multiple workspaces with Automation HQ

Last updated: 10/4/2023, 6:53:59 PM