# Email notifications

As an Automation HQ or workspace administrator, it is important to assign specific contacts to receive different email notifications in your organization. Workato sends out important updates such as usage alerts, incident and error notifications, legal, and security updates.

An admin can designate contacts to receive the following emails in the Email notifications (opens new window) page located in Account settings:

# Setting up contacts in different workspace/environments

The availability of contact fields in your Account settings may vary depending on the workspace or environment you are in. This distinction exists because certain contacts, such as the Legal contact for your company, only need to be set once for the entire organization. On the other hand, there are contacts that are specific to workspaces and environments, such as the Admin and Error notification emails.

# Automation HQ

When accessing the Account settings in your Automation HQ, you can configure notifications for all contacts. However, if you are in a workspace within your organization, you won't have visibility or access to the Company-scoped contacts, including Security & Privacy, Legal, and Billing contacts.

Within a workspace, however, you can set up the specific Admin and Technical contacts, Error notification recipients and a Primary business sponsor for the specific workspace.

# Environments

In workspaces with environments, you only need to configure notification preferences once for your workspace in the main DEV environment. In the TEST and PROD environments, you will only be able to specify Error notifications to accommodate the fact that distinct users operate and build/test in different environments.

# Admin notifications

Configure admin notification contacts

Two primary contacts should receive Admin notifications: the Primary admins and the Technical contacts. You can assign multiple contacts or email aliases to receive these notifications by entering a comma-separated list of emails.

For example: admin-one@yourdomain.com, alias@yourdomain.com

# Primary admins

Primary admins are the main, active users and administrators of the workspace. They receive all notifications about usage, incidents, and account updates. We highly recommend adding at least one contact in this field to avoid missing important information.

Additionally, the following events trigger a primary admin email notification when it occurs in the workspace:

  • Collaborator joined the workspace
  • Collaborator left the workspace
  • Community connector approved by the Workato community team
  • Community connector updated by the Workato community team
  • Transaction limit threshold
  • Access request for an API collection

# Technical contacts

Technical contacts are members in your workspace that own recipe and technical implementation. Workato platform connectors and features including the OPA and API platform are frequently updated, and may require changes from your recipe building team. If incidents affecting the components the workspace uses occur, Workato sends notifications to the technical contact.

List the technical contacts in your organization in this field so these critical updates are not missed.

# Error notifications

Configure error notification settings

Monitoring recipe errors and failed jobs are a critical piece in operations and ensuring uptime. Use the Error notifications section in Account settings > Email notifications to configure recipients of recipe and job-related notifications.

You can assign multiple contacts or email aliases to receive these notifications by entering a comma-separated list of emails.

Notifications are sent when a recipe:

  • Has a job error that occurs when an action tries to execute
  • Has consecutive trigger errors
  • Is stopped due to consecutive trigger errors

Learn more about trigger errors, trigger warnings, and action errors and Workato's error notification policy here.

By default, Workato sends error notifications for all the recipes in all projects. The Receive error notifications only from specific projects toggle provides greater flexibility to our customers on receiving notifications from recipes that matter to them. Deselect each project containing the recipes you do not want to receive error notifications from.

# Other notifications

Configure contacts for business sponsor, legal/security and billing

Other notifications include notices about invoices, legal, security, and account-level updates. There are four contact types in this category: Primary business sponsors, Security & privacy contacts, Legal contacts, and Billing contacts.

# Primary business sponsors

Primary business sponsors are the Workato champions who receive updates on your account. These contacts are usually executive sponsors for the Workato program at your organization. These updates are sent on an ad hoc basis from your customer success manager or our customer experience teams.

# Security & privacy contacts

These contacts usually belong to your organization's security team. They receive security and privacy notifications such as sub-processor and policy updates. You may also provide an alias, eg. privacy@yourdomain.com.

These contacts usually belong to your organization's legal team. These contacts receive legal, DPA (Data Protection Authority), or contract related updates. You may also provide an alias, eg. legal@yourdomain.com.

# Billing contacts

Lastly, fill in your organization's billing contact. This contact usually belongs to your organization's finance team. They receive invoices, receipts, and other billing-related notifications. You may also provide an alias, eg. accounts_payable@yourdomain.com or billing@yourdomain.com.

Last updated: 10/4/2023, 6:53:59 PM