# Admin Notifications

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As a workspace administrator, it is important to receive all important updates about task usage alerts, team member changes, API access request, or connector update.

The Administrator of the workspace can designate an Admin email to receive these emails.

# Notification Events

The following events will trigger an admin email notification:

  • Team member joined the workspace
  • Team member left the workspace
  • Community connector approved by the Workato community team
  • Community connector updated by the Workato community team
  • Transaction limit threshold
  • Access request for an API collection

# Configuring The Admin Notification List

By default, the admin notifications are sent to the workspace account owner. But, if you have a team or consultants monitoring the this workspace, you can add or change the designated admin email(s).

To add recipients to the Admin notifications list:


Navigate to Account settings > Email notifications.


In the Admin notifications section, add email addresses in the Recipients field. To add multiple emails, use a comma as a separator.

For example: admin-one@yourdomain.com, admin-two@yourdomain.com


When finished, click Save.

Configure admin notification email

# Error notification

Recipients on the Admin notifications list will only receive admin-related notifications. Use the Error notifications list to configure recipients of recipe and job-related notifications.