# Change workflow stage action

Change workflow stage is an action you can use to transition a request in a Workflow app through the workflow.

Typical use cases for this action include the following scenarios:

  • If the input provided does not pass validation, mark the request as Invalid.
  • If the request does not need user approval, mark it as Done automatically.
  • If the manager approval task is approved, mark the request as Completed.

# Input fields

  • Workflow app

  • Select an App from the list of available Apps.

  • Record ID

  • The ID of the record whose workflow stage you plan to change. You can map this in using a datapill from a trigger or action from the Table Storage or Workflow apps connector.

  • Workflow stage

  • The new workflow stage for the record. Select one of the stages defined in your application settings.

Last updated: 2/13/2024, 1:10:22 AM