# Audit log streaming for Automation HQ

Set up an Audit log streaming system for your entire organization. This includes all current and future workspaces that Automation HQ manages.


It will not be possible to change the settings for these logs from inside any of the managed workspaces.

We adapted Audit log streaming for Automation HQ, so you can enable a single logging mechanism and destination for all workspaces in your organization.

Follow these steps to enable Audit log streaming:


Navigate to Automation HQ.


Select the Settings tab.


The Settings Audit log streaming interface appears.

Workspace settings


In the Audit log streaming interface, flip the Enable setup and streaming of audit logs toggle.


The configuration details for Audit log streaming appear.

Enable Audit log streaming


Specify what you want to capture in the audit logs:

Include in stream
Select one or all of Job history summary, Job history details, and User activity audit.
Customize log message
You can customize log messages to match your organization's needs. The log messages use JSON format. You can use custom fields and define the JSON structure. For details, see Customize log messages.
Destination type
Workato supports these destination types: Amazon S3 bucket, Azure Monitor, Azure Blob, or a Cloud-based logging service. See Destination type. After you select a specific destination type, you must provide the authentication details. These vary depending on the destination repository.

When you finish configuring the audit logs, click Save.

Save Audit log streaming configuration

Done. Audit log streaming is now enabled and configured for all workspaces in Automation HQ.

Learn more about general Audit log streaming.

Last updated: 3/29/2023, 2:00:59 PM