# OPA Smart Shunt

OPA Smart Shunt allows users to send data directly from the source system to its destination entirely on-premise.

Smart Shunt for On-Prem Database extracts Smart Shunt for On-Prem Database extracts

# OPA Smart Shunt for compliance

The direct "ground-to-ground" integration means that your secure data never leaves the data center. This allows your team to remain compliant with your company's security requirements while using Workato to move data between on-premise systems.

# OPA Smart Shunt for increased performance

Additional, OPA Smart Shunt optimizes for high volume and high speed data transfer. When a workflow extracts and loads data entirely on-premise, it allows the workflow to avoid network latency and bypass file transfer size limits.

# How to use OPA Smart Shunt

For each on-premise database connector, there is the Export query result action.

Generic export query result action Selected Database connectors have the Export Query Result action

This action instructs the on-prem agent to query a local database and export the results as a CSV file. This CSV file is then streamed to an on-premise file storage.


Learn how to setup a staging area in your OPA configuration file.

Note: The staging property is required for OPA versions 2.9.3 and lower.

Subsequently, the CSV file can be loaded to a downstream data warehouse.

In this example recipe (opens new window), the OPA exports the results from an on-premise PostgreSQL database as a CSV file and uploads it to a local file storage.

# What databases support OPA Smart Shunt

OPA Smart Shunt is support on all databases that have Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers. The databases that support OPA Smart Shunt include:

# How to configure the export query result action

Read up on how to configure the Export query result action for each connector:

# How to enable OPA Smart Shunt

OPA Smart Shunt is an add-on feature. You need the OPA add-on and the ETL/ELT add-on. Contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

Last updated: 3/14/2024, 3:07:18 PM