# Organization and workspaces

Setup your builder for success by providing a conducive workspace to build automations.

# Set up a Workspace for an organization group

While recipes are the basic building blocks, it takes a team to make automations work. Organize recipes, connection, and other assets into meaningful groups for every department, level of business, or organization unit.

Workspaces allow multiple users to collaborate on project-specific workflows while remaining operationally independent from other workspaces.

Learn how workspaces supports collaboration between members.

# Managing Multiple Workspaces

As Workato energizes and scales with your organization, the number of workspaces grows. The need for more organized control becomes critical. Automation HQ provides central management of all your workspaces.

Learn how your organization can manage multiple workspaces with Automation HQ.

Last updated: 4/5/2024, 5:55:30 PM