# Project properties

Project properties are name-value pairs that enable you to store recipe configuration parameters for use within a single project. Project properties are available in all recipes within the same project under the Properties datatree.

Project properties are useful for complex deployment models across connections and recipes. For example, you can have a property that indicates where to send a notification email. All recipes within the same project where the project properties exist can look up this value from the datatree and send an email to the same recipient.

Project properties are distinct from environment properties in that their scope is narrower. Environment properties are globally available within your Workato account, while project properties are available only at the project level in the specific project where you create and maintain them.

You can hide sensitive properties from common access by reducing the scope of users able to access projects containing sensitive properties.

# Permissions

Workato enables you to set granular permissions for both project properties and environment properties using role-based access control (RBAC) by creating a custom role.

Project property permissions are available in Workspace admin > Collaborator roles > + Add collaborator role in the Recipe development section under Data storage.

Project properties permissionsProject properties privileges

Learn more about Collaborator privileges.

# Limits

Project property limits are global for all projects and depend on your account configuration. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information about your project property limits.


Learn how to implement project properties in your workspace with the following guides:

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