# Configure SCIM in Workato

After enabling SCIM for your workspace, you can see the SCIM Provisioning option in the Workspace Settings interface. Follow these steps to configure SCIM 2.0 in Workato.

# Prerequisites

  • Your organization must have the Data Monitoring/Advanced Security & Compliance add-on.


Log in to Workato.


Navigate to Workspace admin > Settings > Authentication & provisioning.

SCIM provisioning


In the SCIM provisioning interface, click Generate SCIM Credentials to generate the SCIM token.

Generate SCIM token


Notice that the SCIM provisioning interface now contains the Base URL and the SCIM token.

Base URL
The base URL of our SCIM API endpoint.
In this example, the base URL is https://workato.com/scim/v2.
SCIM token
The security token for setting up automatic sync between your identity provider and Workato.
The SCIM token is obscured.

Copy both the Base URL and the SCIM token values for later use when you setup your identity provider.

Supply Base URL and SCIM token from Workato


After configuring SCIM 2.0 in Workato, proceed to configure and use it on your identity provider:

# Disabling SCIM

If you are a workspace owner, you can disable SCIM.

This process is very simple. When you refresh the SCIM token, it invalidates the previous token. Your SCIM configuration is no longer valid.


In Workato, navigate to Workspace admin > Settings > Authentication & provisioning > SCIM Provisioning.


Click Refresh Token.

Alternatively, see how to disable SCIM in Okta, OneLogin, or Azure AD.

Last updated: 3/14/2024, 6:46:44 PM