# Embedded Admin console

The Admin console is the central hub for Embedded partners to manage, monitor, and provision customer accounts. Partners can access sharing settings, customer information, and usage metrics through the Admin console.

Admin console Embedded Admin console

# Accessing the Admin console


Log in as one of the following:

  • Owner of the partner team account.
  • Member of the Admin team. To add members to the Admin team, refer to Teams and collaboration.
  • Collaborator with sufficient privileges. If you have a role that grants permission to create and edit other roles, you can assign granular RBAC privileges to a custom role. This allows you to give a collaborator access to one or more tabs in the Admin console.

Access the Admin console from the navigation bar by selecting either Manage customers or Admin > Manage customers. Your permissions determine which link is visible.

# Admin console tabs

The Admin console contains the following tabs:


Note that the Audit log streaming tab is only visible to admins and workspace owners. Collaborators with access to the Settings tab only have the ability to manage branding.

Last updated: 1/12/2024, 4:26:53 PM