# On-prem add agent FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about adding on-prem agents.

What is an on-prem group in Workato, and why would I need to create one?

An on-prem group in Workato is a way to manage a group of on-premise agents that perform specific tasks. You may need to create an on-prem group to organize and manage your agents effectively.

What operating systems are supported for setting up on-prem agents in Workato?

Workato supports the following operating systems for on-prem agent setup:

  • Windows
  • Linux (tar.gz archive installer, DEB package, and RPM package)
  • Docker image
  • Mac
What is the Windows Service user account used for in the on-prem agent setup?

Beginning with version 2.18.0, the Windows Service user account for Workato on-prem agents is set to Local Service instead of Local System. You can change this user account by editing the OPA windows service properties.

Where can I find the activation code needed during agent installation?

You can find the activation code in the agent creation wizard in Workato. Copy the code and paste it into the Windows installer during installation.

Is there an alternative way to activate the agent if I don't have the activation code during installation?

Yes, you can activate your agent later by running the activation.cmd script from the bin folder in your agent installation directory.

What should I be aware of regarding network configuration when setting up the on-prem agent?

You should ensure that traffic to Workato is allowed from your server.

How can I verify that my on-prem agent is functioning correctly?

After the agent becomes active, you can click Test agent to verify that the connection is successful. This confirms that your agent is working as expected.

Last updated: 3/20/2024, 7:37:41 PM