Using Workbot for MS Teams

Workbot commands

You can perform actions in your apps (e.g. creating new ServiceNow tickets, listing Salesforce opportunities) by sending Workbot commands from within Teams.

Command example Sending a 'newissue' command with additional parameters in Teams, then receiving a post message reply

A Workbot command is a trigger that allows you to run a Workbot command recipe.

New command Example 'newissue' command in a recipe

To learn more about Workbot commands, see Workbot commands.

Workbot 'help'

If you get stuck, you can always send the help command to Workbot. Workbot will respond with the list of commands available to you.

Workbot help Asking Workbot for help

Invoking Workbot commands in Teams

Workbot commands can be invoked in 3 distinct ways:

  1. Sending the command in a direct message to Workbot or in a channel (in a channel, this requires tagging Workbot i.e. @workbot your_command)
    Command recipes
  2. Sending the command when a button is clicked
    Command recipes

  3. Submitting a task module form.

To learn more about how buttons, choices and task modules work, see Buttons, choices and task modules.

Commands can also prompt users for additional parameters. For example, to create a new ServiceNow incident, the user should provide the urgency, summary and description of the incident. In this case, you can add 3 parameters; urgency, summary & description. When the command is invoked, Workbot will open a task module and prompt the user for each parameter.

Task module Workbot can ask users for info if you specify additional parameters in your command

Event notifications using Post message action

Workbot can also be used to notify you when any events occur in your apps. This can be done via the Post message action.

Closed SNow incident A Post message action notifying user about a closed ticket in ServiceNow

The Post message action allows you to post a message to a user or in a channel.

Notification recipe A recipe where a Post message action notifies the user when a ServiceNow incident is closed

To learn more about how the Post message action works, see Workbot actions.

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