# HQ Workspace

You can access the Automation HQ features in the HQ Workspace. Here, you can manage limits, update settings, and monitor automations across all Workspaces in your account.

Find it in the left navigation > Automation HQ (opens new window).

# Workspaces

Get an overview of all managed workspaces in your organization at a glance. See key metrics like the number of billable recipes, task usage in the current accounting period, number of collaborators, and connected applications.

Managed workspaces in HQ workspace


To use the Workspaces section of Automation HQ, see these articles:

# Workspace moderators

To help your teams set up the managed workspaces, assign workspace moderators. Workspace moderators have access to all workspaces in your organization.

Only members in the HQ workspace can be assigned as workspace moderators.

Workspace moderators


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# Shared connectors

Build and maintain custom connectors using the Workato SDK and distribute them to the managed workspaces. Ensure that all your workspaces are using the latest version of your custom connectors.

Shared connectors


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# Usage

Workspaces share a pool of recipe and task limits. You can distribute these limits across all managed workspaces, adjust them as the requirements and usage of the workspaces change, renew.

The Usage section shows consumption and plan data for all workspaces at the same time. It has these major components:

Plan overview
Consolidated report for all the workspaces in your organization. You can review your plan and consumption, add-ons, the number of recipes used, the relative percentage of used tasks, and note the renewal date for your plan.
Plan usage
Utilization data for either either tasks or recipes, by reporting period for all workspaces in Automation HQ.

Workspace usage


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# Settings

Currently, the Settings interface gives you the opportunity to set up organization-wide Audit log streaming. After setup, all logs from HQ and all managed workspaces stream to a single destination.

Audit log streaming is off by default. To set it up, see Audit log streaming for Automation HQ.

Workspace settings


To use the Settings section of Automation HQ, see these articles:

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