# Dependency Graph


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As your team size and Workato usage grow, dependencies between assets in your Workato workspace will also increase. Understanding and analyzing changes and asset usage will be critical for managing the lifecycles of your automations.

How can you analyze and manage the relationships between your various Workato assets? Easy - with the Dependency Graph.

Workato's Dependency Graph visually illustrates the relationships between assets and resources in a workspace. Using this feature, you can easily analyze dependencies and assess how a change in one asset might impact other assets.

Workato Dependency Graph Workato Dependency Graph

# Using The Dependency Graph

Use the Dependency Graph to view any asset's upstream and downstream dependencies in your workspace.

# Accessing The Dependency Graph


Navigate to Dashboard > Dependency graph in your workspace.


Select an Asset type, such as Connections.


Next, select a specific asset to view its interdependencies.

For example: In the following image, when the My BambooHR account connection is selected, its interdependencies are displayed:

Selecting a connection in the Connections Dependency Graph


Inspect dependencies by:

  • Clicking the dependency itself to open up a view of its interdependencies:

    Opening interdependency view for dependency

  • Hovering over the dependency and clicking the (outbound link) icon. This opens the dependency's page in your workspace in a new browser tab.

    Dedicated dependency page icon in Dependency Graph

# Using Viewing Features

To make viewing and navigating easier, use the zoom, drag, and fit features as needed:

  • Zoom in/out: Use the + and - icons in the top right corner of the graph to zoom in and out.

    API collections Dependency Graph

  • Fit: Use the icon below the - icon to fit the current graph to your screen.

    API collections Dependency Graph

  • Drag: Click and hold the graph to move its contents:

    API collections Dependency Graph

# Supported Assets

The Dependency Graph supports the following asset types:

# API Collections

When selected, the API collections filter shows the relationship between API collections and API endpoints.

API collections Dependency Graph

# Apps


We recently added Apps to the Dependency Graph. Check it out!

When selected, the Apps filter shows how recipes are using various app types. By default, the graph will display apps in Active recipes, but you can change this by using the Recipe status filter.

Apps Dependency Graph

Using this view, you can determine:

  • What apps are my team integrating/automating? Only apps with at least one connection are included in the Apps Dependency Graph. This includes custom apps.

  • What are the most highly used apps? The number below app icons indicates how many recipes the app is used in. For example: The Salesforce app in the image below is used in 11 recipes:

    Total number of recipes app is being used in

  • How is my team using apps with other apps? The Apps Dependency Graph uses connecting lines to indicate how apps are being used with other apps. When you hover over an app, a number displays above the line that connects it to another app. This number indicates how many recipes both apps are being used in.

    For example: The Salesforce app in the image below is used in two recipes with the Box app:

    Number of recipes connected apps are used in together

  • What are the flows we're creating for a single app? Workato offers an app overview that displays a specific app's usage, including its individual connections, the recipes each connection is used in, and so on.

    There are two ways of accessing an app's overview:

    • Select the app from the Apps filter:

      Clicking a Salesforce app in the graph to display its overview

    • Click the app in the graph:

      Clicking a Salesforce app in the graph to display its overview

    In the above example, we're viewing the overview for a Salesforce app with five connections that are used in nine recipes.

# Common Data Models

When selected, the Common data models filter shows custom objects are being used in recipes.

Common data models Dependency Graph

# Connections

When selected, the Connections filter shows how many recipes are using each connection type.

Note: The Connections Dependency Graph includes custom connections.

Connections Dependency Graph

# Custom apps

When selected, the Custom apps filter displays how your Workflow apps are using data tables and recipes.

You must filter the dependency graph by a particular Workflow app.

Workflow apps dependency graph

# Data tables

When selected, the Data tables filter displays how many recipes and custom apps are using a particular data table.

You must select a particular data table to view its interdependencies.

Table Storage

# Lookup Tables

When selected, the Lookup tables filter shows how many recipes are use lookup tables.

Lookup tables Dependency Graph

# Message Templates

When selected, the Message templates filter shows how your recipes are using message templates.

Message templates Dependency Graph

# Pages

When selected, the Pages filter shows how your recipes and Custom apps are using pages.

Pages dependency graph

# Properties

When selected, the Properties filter shows how your recipes are using properties.

Properties Dependency Graph

# Event topics

When selected, the Event topics filter shows how your recipes are using Event topics.

Event topics Dependency Graph

# Recipes

When selected, the Recipes filter shows the relationship between recipes, connections, and other resources.

Recipes Dependency Graph

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