# Gong

Gong (opens new window) is a revenue intelligence platform that captures your customer interactions across phone, web conferencing, and email, understands what was said in these interactions, and delivers insights. Use the trigger from the Gong connector to run the recipe each time an event occurs in Gong, and the actions to add calls and media, and search for call data.

# API version

The Gong connector uses the Gong API v2 (opens new window).

# How to connect to Gong on Workato

Workato uses OAuth 2.0 to connect with Gong. To establish a connection, click Connect, provide your Gong login credentials when prompted, and click Allow to provision access to Workato.

You must have the Technical administrator permission in Gong.io (opens new window).

Technical administrator permissionGong Technical administrator permission

You can select granular scopes for which to grant Workato access from the multiselect list under advanced settings during connection setup. Note that by default, Workato asks for all scopes. Workato always request for the scope api:users:read. Detailed information regarding which scopes are needed can be found in Gong's API (opens new window) for each specific endpoint.

Gong scopes selectionGong scopes selection

# Supported triggers and actions

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