# Segment

Segment is a customer data platform network (CDP), where users can connect different data sources, govern the flow of customer data, aggregate, and synthesize data, and derive insights out of it. Use the actions in the Segment connector to send event data to Segment.

# How to connect to Segment

Do the following steps to configure an access token to connect Segment to Workato:

  1. Log in to your workspace.
  2. Generate the access token by navigating to Settings > Access Management > Tokens.
  3. Click Create Token.
  4. Enter a description and assign access.
  5. Click Create.
    The Config API token appears. Copy the token; you will paste it into the Access token field of the connection fields.

Proceed to the next section to configure Workato as the source.

# Configure the Workato source

  1. Navigate to Connections > Sources and click Add Source.
  2. Search for HTTP API server and click Add Source.
  3. In the Name field, enter Workato Source and optionally set one or more labels.
  4. Click Add Source.
    If you haven't done so already, configure your destinations, such as Mixpanel or Facebook pixel.
    Now you are ready to set up a connection and configure an action.

# Connection fields

Field Description
Connection name Give this connection a unique name so you can reuse it in other recipes.
Workspace Retrieve the Workspace name from the section of the URL that follows app.segment.com/.
Access token The Config API token generated in step 5 of How to connect to Segment.

# Supported actions

  • Send event: sends the event data
  • Send event in batch: sends a batch of up to 200 records of event data, which reduces the number of calls to Segment

# Segment actions event type

Configuring action

Refer to the table below when configuring the Event type field in the Segment actions.

Event type Description
Alias Associates one identity with another. For more information, see alias (opens new window).
Group How you associate the user with a group, such as a company or account. For a full list, see group traits (opens new window).
Page Properties of the webpage the user visited, including name, path, and title. For a full list, see page properties (opens new window).
Screen Name of the mobile screen the user saw. For more information, see screen (opens new window).
User Same as an Identify call to Segment. Contains user details such as the user ID. For the full list, see traits (opens new window).
User action Same as a Track call to Segment. The actions the user performed and the properties that describe that action. To see a list of the properties, select the app or vertical in spec (opens new window).

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