# Workato recipe editor update

See how recipe building has improved with Workato's new recipe editor.

# Getting started

Main article: Getting start with your first recipe

# Workato concepts

Main article: Workato concepts

# Connecting Apps

Main article: Connecting apps

# Building recipes

This section covers the basic components of a recipe: triggers, steps, and actions. These components allow you to define the logic of a recipe - what to carry out under different conditions. This section also covers fields mapping, which delves into the details of how we map pills to define how data is moved from one app to another.

# Triggers

Trigger chapters
- Polling Triggers
- Real-time Triggers
- Scheduled triggers
- Single trigger
- Batch triggers
- Since/From
- Trigger conditions

# Steps

Recipe steps chapters
- Action step
- Conditional action step
- Repeat step
- Call recipe step
- Stop step
- Action with error handler step

# Actions

Recipe actions chapters
- Create action
- Update action
- Search action
- Get action
- Upsert action
- Delete action

# IF conditions

IF condition chapters
- contains
- starts with
- ends with
- does not contain
- does not start with
- does not end with
- equals
- does not equal
- greater than
- less than
- is true
- is not true
- is present
- is not present

# Datapills and mapping

Datapills and mapping chapters
- Data types
- Type conversions
- Preview data
- Fields mapping

# Best practices: Error handing

Main article: Error handling best practices

# Version management

Main article: Version management

# Running recipes

This section covers recipe management - what you need to know to handle testing, starting, and stopping a recipe. This section also covers jobs management - how to read your jobs report for troubleshooting and debugging, as well as how to customize your jobs report to get the most relevant data.

# Test, start, and stop recipe

Test, start, and stop recipe chapters
- Test mode
- Start recipe
- Stop recipe

# Jobs

Jobs chapters
- Jobs report
- Job details

# Tasks

Main article: Tasks

# Rerun job

Rerun job chapters
- Cached trigger data
- Job rerun history

# Read only mode

Main article: Read only mode

# Troubleshooting: Recipe design errors

Recipe design erorrs chapters
- Missing required fields
- Formula errors
- Invalid datapills

# Data types and formulas

Formula chapters
- Filter formula by data type
- Formula hints and syntax
- Text mode vs Formula mode
- Ternary condition
- Safe Nagivation Operator