# Workflow Apps - FAQ

# Authentication and Authorization

# Q: Must users be Workato users to log in to the Apps Portal?

A: No. The Apps Portal is designed for business users inside your organization and beyond and has a separate user/group management.

# Q: Can I use users and groups from my Identity Provider (Okta, Azure AD etc.)?

A: Yes, you can set up SAML SSO with your identity provider, enable Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning so that the users are created automatically in the system when they first log in, and set up additional SAML attributes so that they land in appropriate group. See our SAML administration guide for more details.

# Q: Can I capture data from unauthorized users?

A: Not currently, but we do have anonymized access on our development roadmap.

# Deployment and Distribution

# Q: Are mobile apps available?

A: Workflow Apps currently do not allow you to create native mobile apps, however, all portal pages, both custom and built-in, have responsive layouts and render properly on mobile and tablet devices.

# Q: Can Workflow Apps pages be added to my internal websites or business apps as an iFrame?

A: Yes, you can embed the entire Apps Portal, a specific app, or even a page using an iframe. This requires explicit enablement by Workato Customer Support.

# Q: Can I customize the URL of my application?

A: You can provide your subdomain on workato.app domain (all applications will reside on https://{your-domain}.workato.app). We plan to add support to bring your own domain soon.

# Q: Is Workflow Apps available for Workato Embedded?

A: Currently Workflow Apps can be purchased by Workato Embedded customers only for embedded partner flows. For example, an "EmbeddedOps" type of use case, where certain information must be approved/provided by the partner's employee before the end customer is on/off-boarded. In the future, we plan to support other deployment models for Workato Embedded end customers. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

# Data

# Q: What are the limits of the data stored?

A: We support up to 1 million rows, up to 50 columns per table, and up to 100 tables for each account.

# Q: Will Table Storage replace Lookup Tables?

A: Currently Table Storage is only bundled with Workflow Apps, and you are safe to continue using Lookup Tables for all non-app related automations, and use Table Storage for all app-related automations.

# Q: Can my data storage (MySQL, Snowflake, etc.) be used as a storage for app data?

A: No, the workflow request data is always stored in Table Storage. You can use recipes to sync data between Table Storage and any other storage / app.

# Q: Is it possible to validate the data submitted?

A: All pages will automatically perform simple validations, including ensuring that required fields are filled in and that all inputs match their data type.

Native complex and server-side validations are planned for a future release, however, it is possible to perform any validations in the recipe after the record has been created and change the workflow stage to "In Error" if it fails.

# Application Logic

# Q: How do I troubleshoot application errors?

A: Application logic is implemented as Workato recipes, so all troubleshooting tools and practices apply.

Last updated: 8/8/2023, 3:35:50 PM