# Marketo - Bulk Import Custom Objects From File Action

This action bulk imports custom objects from a file into your Marketo instance. The file should be formatted as a comma, tab, or semi-colon separated values file. Any existing objects found will be updated. Otherwise, new leads will be created from the file data. Rows with failure and rows with warnings will be returned in the same format as the input, with an additional error/warning message column.

Bulk import leads from file action Bulk import leads from file action

# Input

Input Field Description
Custom object name Name of the custom object to be imported into Marketo
File import File input The file contents to import to Marketo. This should be formatted as comma, tab, or semi-colon separated values.
Column separator The symbol for the delimiter.
Contains header line? Whether the input file has a header line.
Column names The columns names of your input file should correspond to input fields for the Marketo Lead object. You can manually define the column names or use a sample CSV file.

# Output

Output Field Description
Success Whether this action was successful.
A list of import responses
Batch ID A unique ID for the batch.
Import ID A unique ID for the import operation.
Status The status of the batch.
Message An optional message attached to this import operation.
List Size The list size of the import response.
List Index An index for each item in the list of responses.
Number of rows failed Number of rows failed.
Number of rows with warning Number of rows with a warning.

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