# Marketo - Search campaigns action

This action searches for campaigns in your Marketo instance by a given search criteria.

Search campaigns action Search campaigns action

# Input

Input field Description
Campaign name Select a campaign.
Program name Select a program. Only campaigns under the selected parent program will be retrieved.

# Output

The output of this action is a list of Campaign records, including the List size and List index. Each Campaign record will contain the following fields.

Output field Description
ID The unique ID of campaign record.
Name The name of the campaign record.
Description The description of the campaign record.
Type The type of smart campaign.
Program ID The ID of the parent program.
Program name The name of the parent program.
Active Whether this campaign is active.
Workspace name The name of the parent workspace.
Updated at The time this campaign was last updated.
Created at The time this campaign was created.

For a full list of Campaign fields, see here (opens new window).

Last updated: 2/16/2022, 7:30:18 PM

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