Workato Tools help perform three main functions: Build recipes, connect apps and collaborate and manage recipes. Access the full list of tools using the navigation bar on the top of the screen and click on 'All tools'.

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Building recipes

Tools for building recipes are often associated with connectors, triggers and actions that users can select while building recipes. For example, setting up a lookup table in tools will allow the use of actions in the recipe which adds, removes or updates the lookup table using the connector in a recipe.

Using lookup table Using the add row action in a recipe creates new rows in an existing lookup table

These tools aid in making recipes more powerful with human approval capabilities as well as allow data to be reused across recipes in the same account.

The following are classified under this category:

Connect apps

Tools for connecting apps allow the user to add and manage their custom applications, on-prem applications and API endpoints.

The following are classified under this category:

Collaborate and manage recipes

The tools in this section allow the collaboration across teams, the management of team roles and sharing of recipes and dependencies between team accounts.

The following are classified under this category:

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