# Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR (opens new window) is a HR software solution for collecting, maintaining, and analyzing your people data.

# API version

The Bamboo HR connector uses the Bamboo REST API v1 (opens new window).

# How to connect to Bamboo HR on Workato

Bamboo HR connection setup Bamboo HR connection setup

Input field Description
Connection name Give this connection a unique name that identifies which instance it is connected to.
API token The API token. Learn how to create this API token
Sub-domain The base URL of your Bamboo HR instance.

# How to create an API key on Bamboo HR

Steps Description
1. Navigate to Profile > API keys
Navigate to Bamboo HR API keys
Navigate to Bamboo HR API keys
2. Create a new API key by selecting Add New Key
Add new API key
Add new API key
3. Provide a descriptive name for this new API key. For example, workato_user.
Add new API key
Add new API key
4. An API key will be generated. Save this key in a secure location.

Note that this API key is only visible here. You will no longer be able to retrieve this key after this step.
Save API key
Save API key

For more information, see the Bamboo HR documentation (opens new window).

# Triggers and actions

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# Bamboo HR actions

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