# HTTP connector

The HTTP connector enables integration with any cloud applications that has a HTTP based API. You can create a new connector as well as add new triggers or actions to existing Workato connectors.

# What is the HTTP connector useful for?

If your recipe requires integration with a cloud application that does not have a pre-built connect, you can use the HTTP connector to link your target app with Workato.

The generic HTTP connector allows you to interact with cloud applications with an application program interface (API). This allows you to build additional triggers or actions on the Workato platform to power your integration recipes.

Find out more about developing HTTP connectors here.

# HTTP connector or Connector SDK?

Besides using the HTTP connector, you can develop custom connectors with the Connector SDK. You should select the option that best fits your use-case.

Click here to see a comparison between the two.

Last updated: 12/9/2019, 5:21:57 PM