# Marketo - Update custom object action

This action updates a custom object record in your Marketo instance. It will search for existing record by a given dedupe field. If an existing custom object is found, it will update the custom object. Otherwise, a new custom object will be created.

Update custom object action Update custom object action

# Input

Input field Description
Custom object name The name of the custom object to be created.
Custom object input fields Additional input fields will by dynamically generated for the custom object type.
Dedupe by Select the method to deduplicate. To dedupe by the Marketo GUID, select IdField.
Custom object ID The Marketo GUID of the custom object to update. Only required if dedupe by IdField.

# Output

Output field Description
Marketo GUID A unique ID for the updated Marketo custom object.

Last updated: 7/2/2021, 7:06:19 AM

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