# Table Storage

Workato Table Storage is a general-purpose storage for structured data. Its main component is Data tables, which are organized in columns (table structure) and rows (table data). You can use Table Storage to store the data for your Workflow apps.

The Data table by Workato connector enables you to use your data in your integrations.

Data tables offer high performance; they are scalable and secure out of the box without any additional maintenance expected from traditional databases.


Table Storage is not designed to store sensitive PCI data, including credit card numbers.

# Key terms

The following list describes terminology useful for managing and interacting with your data tables:

  • Record ID
  • Workato automatically generates a unique ID for each record in a data table. Workato requires the Record ID to perform certain Data table connector actions, including update record, and delete record actions.

Last updated: 2/20/2024, 7:05:48 PM