# Page components

The editor contains controls that enable you to determine the Content and Background of your applications.

# Content

Decide what content appears on your page. Apps supports the following component types.

  • Data table

  • The components in this section correspond to a specific data column in a data table you specify. The selected data table appears here. Add columns to this table by clicking + (plus). See the Create a page section for more information on submission forms and how to submit data to a data table.

  • Display

    • Container:

    • Choose a container for your content. You can customize the container's background color, border color, and padding.

    • Divider:

    • A horizontal line. Customize the divider's background color.

    • Image:

    • Choose from a library of preset images or upload your own image. Workato supports GIF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG file types.

    • Text:

    • Static text. Customize the appearance to add title, subtitle, and paragraph text to your pages. Choose between preset and custom color values.

      Additionally, text components support specific Markdown (opens new window) syntax, listed in the following table:

    Markdown element Markdown syntax
    Heading level 1 #
    Heading level 2 ##
    Bold **bold text**
    Italic *italic text* or _italic text_
    Link [link text](https://www.example.com)
    Ordered list 1. First item
    1. Second item
    1. Third item
    Unordered list - First item
    - Second item
    - Third item
  • Inputs

  • All Inputs components have the Link to data column property. This property specifies which data column Workato uses to populate the input component and capture user input.

    • Short answer:

    • A single-line text field.

    • Long answer:

    • A multi-line text area.

    • Date:

    • Input field for the date (day/month/year).

    • Date and Time:

    • Input field for the date (day/month/year) and time (hours/minutes).

  • Choices

  • Choice components have the Link to data column property similar to Input components.

    • Checkbox:

    • Boolean (yes/no selection).

    • Dropdown:

    • A selection from a predefined set of values. Workato supports a static list of values. You must specify the list in the component configuration.

  • Buttons

  • Buttons have the Action property. This property specifies what a button does. There are two types of buttons:

    • Filled button:

    • A button filled with brand color, useful for primary action(s) on the page.

    • Outline button:

    • A button for secondary action(s).

    Button actions include the following

    • Save data to a table:
    • Saves the user input as a new or updated record in the data table which was specified when the table was created.
    • Complete task:
    • Completes the current task with Approved or Rejected outcome. See the App workflows by Workato connector for more information.
    • Open a webpage:
    • Opens specified URL in a new browser tab.
  • Others

  • Components in this section enable you to upload and download files to/from your pages.

    • File download:

    • Download files from your pages.
      Maximum file size: 20MB.

    • File upload:

    • Upload files to your pages.
      Maximum file size: 20MB.

# Saving a page

Before you save a page, ensure that all components with the link to data column property ( Choices and Inputs components) are linked to a column in your data table. Otherwise, Workato displays the following error.

Save a pageYou must link Choices and Inputs components to a data column

# Background

Determine the background style of your application. You can choose between a colored or patterned background. Workato provides several preset color and pattern options.

Alternatively, you can choose a custom color or upload a custom pattern. Workato supports GIF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG file types.


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