# Create a new table

Tables exist at the level of the individual project. To access the Data tables interface, navigate to Projects > {Project name} > Data tables.

Table Storage Creation Create a new data table within a project

To create a new table:


Create a new project, or select one of your saved projects.


Click Create.


Select Data table.


Name your table.


Add columns by clicking Add column , or + (plus).

# Auto-generated columns

When you create a new table, Workato automatically generates certain columns for each record. These columns are read-only, and you cannot edit them.

Workato hides these columns by default. To view hidden columns, click Hide columns, and select the columns you plan to view.

Autogenerated columns To view auto-generated columns, select them from the Hide columns/ columns hidden list

# Common auto-generated columns

The following columns are part of any data table, but Workato may add other auto-generated columns to your data tables in certain scenarios.

Record ID
Workato automatically generates a unique ID for each record in a data table. Workato requires the Record ID to perform certain Data table connector actions, including update record and delete record actions.
Created time
The creation time of the record.
Last modified time
The last edit time of the record.

Table Storage Auto-generated columns common to all data tables

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