# Embedded account structure

The typical account structure for Embedded partners and their customers is as follows:

Embedded team structure Embedded account hierarchy

Admin account
This is the Workato account owned by the embedded platform partner. Use this account to manage internal development and testing activities to support your customers and access the Admin console to manage customer accounts.
Customer accounts
Customer accounts are the Workato accounts you manage. Each of your customers has an individual customer account. Your team or partners use these accounts to build on behalf of a customer. Your customer may also use this account to build and manage their integrations.
Users who have accepted an invitation to a Workato account. Collaborators can exist in the Admin account or the customer account. A collaborator's role determines the user's privileges and access to folders, features, and the Admin console.
Customer managers
Customer managers are members of the Embedded partner's team with access to all customer accounts. Customer managers should be trusted team members who have permission to view data in customer accounts. Manage the type and amount of data or tools that customer managers can view in customer teams through role-based access control.

Last updated: 1/12/2024, 4:26:53 PM