# Secrets management

This API allows users to work with external secrets managers.

# Quick reference

Type Resource Description
POST /api/secrets_management/clear_cache Clears the secrets management cache.

# Clear secrets management cache

Clears the secrets management cache to retrieve the latest available credentials from an external secrets manager. You do not need to disconnect and reconnect the connection for the refreshed credentials to take effect.

For example, when you update a secret in your external secrets manager, you can send a request to the Workato API at the same time to clear the secrets management cache, so Workato can get the latest secret the next time it needs it. This allows you to programmatically sync secrets with Workato every time they are changed as part of the secrets rotation process.

Note that the request does not require a body.

POST /api/secrets_management/clear_cache

# Sample request

curl  -X POST https://www.workato.com/api/secrets_management/clear_cache \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer <api_token>'

# Sample response

  "success": true

Last updated: 5/31/2023, 6:45:42 PM