# HubSpot - Update record actions

These actions will allow you to update existing records in your HubSpot instance with the given properties and receives the details of the updated record, including the ID.

Workato currently supports the following update actions:

  • Update Record Action
  • Update Batch Records Action

Deprecation Notice

The actions below have been deprecated. Please use the newly released Update Records or Update Records Batch action instead.

  • Update Company action
  • Update Deal action

# Objects supported

Workato currently supports the update actions for these objects:

  • Contact
  • Company
  • Deal
  • Product
  • Ticket
  • Line Item
  • Quote
  • Custom Objects

Update record action

Update record action

If you provide a company's website domain name, HubSpot will attempt to automatically populate some properties with HubSpot Insights. Learn how to disable this feature.

# Input Fields

To configure these actions, you will need to first select the object you want to update records of. Once the relevant object has been selected it's associated properties will be populated. Please specify the ID of the record you wish to update. Furthermore, if you wish to delete the value of any specific field please input clear in formula mode.

# Output Fields

Workato will return a record representing each updated record so you can use its datapills in the subsequent steps. The datapills pertaining to ID, Created At, Updated At and Archived will always be contain a value. The remaining datapills will contain information if the corresponding field had been updated. Take note that some fields may pass in default values and these will be returned as well.

Last updated: 2/20/2023, 2:19:20 PM