# NetSuite

NetSuite (opens new window) is a cloud business management suite that offers comprehensive software solutions for organizations, including support for ERP/Financials, CRM, and e-commerce.

# API version

The NetSuite connector uses the WSDL from the SuiteTalk 2022_2 API. This gives you the latest access to objects introduced in past API versions. A variety of new fields for objects have also been introduced.

# SuiteTalk 2022_2 changes

  • New schema updates to over 112 objects across create, update, search, and retrieve actions.

# Connect to NetSuite on Workato

You can connect to NetSuite through token-based authentication. You must first generate an application ID, a consumer key, a consumer secret, a token ID, and a token secret.

We recommend that you reference our video channel for instructions on "How to connect to NetSuite":

See Connect to NetSuite on Workato for detailed steps on how to connect to Netsuite through token-based authentication.

# Common NetSuite fields

The NetSuite connector can retrieve your standard or custom NetSuite objects and the associated set of standard and custom fields. When you configure your trigger or action, you must first select the specific object for interaction.

See Common NetSuite fields for details.

# Triggers

Workato has the following triggers for NetSuite:

# Actions

Workato has the following actions for Netsuite:

# Unsupported records

There are certain records that triggers and search actions do not support, as they cannot be queried via the NetSuite API.

Users can use the Get all standard records action to retrieve these objects not found in search actions or triggers:

  • Budget category
  • Campaign audience
  • Campaign category
  • Campaign channel
  • Campaign family
  • Campaign offer
  • Campaign search engine
  • Campaign subscription
  • Campaign vertical
  • Currency
  • Lead source
  • State
  • Support case issue
  • Support case origin
  • Support case priority
  • Support case status
  • Support case type
  • Tax account

The following records are not supported:

  • Campaign response
  • Item revision
  • Landed cost
  • Sales tax item
  • Tax group
  • Tax type
  • Currency revaluation
  • Payroll adjustment
  • Inventory worksheet

Last updated: 11/22/2023, 6:49:57 AM