Wrike - Search timelogs action

This action retrieves a list of timelog records that matches your search criteria. Only records in your Wrike instance that match all the criteria will be returned.

Search timelogs action Search timelogs action

Input fields

Input field Description
Timelog category Select the category for your timelog record. This will be blank by default.
Created date Retrieve timelog records created after this date.
Updated date Retrieve timelog records updated after this date.
Tracked date Retrieve timelog records tracked after this date.
Descendants Select Yes to add all descendant tasks to search scope, otherwise select No.

Output fields

Output field Description
Timelog ID The ID of the timelog record.
Task ID The ID of the task that this timelog record tracks.
User ID The ID of the user who tracked the timelog record.
Category ID The ID of the category of this timelog record.
Hours The hours tracked in the timelog record.
Created date The date this timelog record was created.
Updated date The date this timelog record was updated.
Tracked date The date this timelog record was recorded.
Comment The comment to this timelog record.
List size The size of the list, corresponding to the number of timelog records retrieved.

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